Roast Around the Coast 2020 Menu and prices
Roast Around the Coast2020 Menu and prices

Salad Menu

Authentic Greek Style Salad Authentic Greek Salad

Salad Choices

Choose which salads you would like to accompany your spit roast or BBQ:


Authentic Greek Salad - Comprising of Olives, Feta Cheese, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Sliced White Cabbage, Green Peppers and seasoned with Herbs.


Seasonal Undressed Salad - Comprising of a selection of Continental Lettuces, Baby Cherry Tomatoes, Radishes and Cucumber.


Country Coleslaw Salad – Coarsely grated fresh white cabbage, carrot and onion, bound in mayonnaise 


Country Potato Salad – Chunky potato pieces, diced onion and parsley in mayonnaise.


Oriental Rice Salad – A rice salad with crunchy peanuts, celery, red and green peppers and sultanas bound in a mild curried mayonnaise.


Italian Pasta Salad – A colourful salad of pasta shells, red and green peppers, sweet corn and chopped black olives coated in a tomato, garlic and herb dressing.


American Waldorf Salad – Juicy apples, crisp diced celery, shredded cabbage and sultanas with walnut pieces bound in mayonnaise.


Red Cabbage and Apple Salad - Shredded red cabbage, crisp fresh apples and sweet sultanas bound in mayonnaise


Country Coleslaw Country Coleslaw

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