Roast Around the Coast 2019 Menu and prices
Roast Around the Coast2019 Menu and prices

Whole Spit Roasted Lamb Menu

For the smaller party why not try a Roast Lamb?

A succulent Spit Roasted Lamb, basted in its own juices for approximately 3 hours will provide50 generous servings.


The Lamb is served in a freshly baked large white bap together with Mint Sauce, Redcurrant Jelly and Onion Relish.


Why not supplement your Lamb Roast with our delicious salads? Choose any three from our Salad Menu page.



Lamb Roast £ 570 for 50 or for parties of 50+ £ 11.40 per head


Lamb Roast with 3 Salads  £ 625 for 50 or for  parties of 50+  £12.50 per head


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