Roast Around the Coast 2022 Menu and Prices
Roast Around the Coast2022 Menu and Prices

Whole Spit Roasted Pork Menu

Cooked pig on the spit pole

Succulent whole pig spit roasted in the old fashioned way, self-basting in its own juices for 5 hours. Served with crisp golden crackling and freshly prepared sage and onion stuffing.


All served in a fresh large white bap. Apple sauce together with various relishes and condiments are also provided.


We deliver, cook and serve to your guests.

  • We do it all.

  • You do not need to raise a finger to help.


From a whole pig you will get in excess of 100 very generous portions

Price:   Standard Hog Roast   £ 895 for 100.

For parties of 100+ £8.95 per head


Why not supplement your Hog Roast with some of  our delicious salads?

Choose any three from our Salad Menu page.

Price: Hog Roast Buffet menu with 3 Salads £ 1075 for 100

For parties of 100+ £10.75 per person



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